Welcome to LetsHeal.

We are an independent, nonprofit think and do tank

focused on protecting our beloved Mother Earth and all its inhabitants

through high impact creative interventions.

A lush forest is the home of our headquarters close to the Dutch North Sea.

Although billions around the world have seen our work in the news,

not all of our interventions are publicity driven.

In fact many of them take place under the radar.

Per intervention we choose the best proxy operator

to make sure that we serve to protect our common home in the best possible way

and not the ego of our organization.

Our interventions usually follow a strict theory of change

carefully crafted in close cooperation with some of the world’s finest

universities, research agencies, media channels and tech companies

who share our vision of ensuring a liveable future for all creatures.

While we take pride in our successes,

we realize our contribution is small compared to what still must be done.

To create sustainable global change, we collaborate and share resources.

In fact, sharing insights about how to build prosocial brands is how LetsHeal began.

Please note that LetsHeal cannot be hired, but we love to be inspired.

Let’s all heal the world for our children and future generations.