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This report contains over 1400 tables. The research report can be viewed via Microsoft Excel and Google Docs. Navigating between the various topics is made easy via hyperlinks. Results are shown per country and ...


  • - By background variables 
  • - By subgroups
  • - Per country 

The various subgroup definitions can also be found in the research report. The research outcomes are split in the following categories:

A) Demographics, media consumption and mood
B) The meaning of life
C) Empathy
D) Why and how do we give?
E) Prosocial behavior
F) Brands and companies


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The team is an Amsterdam based independent non-profit organization aimed at providing insights in how to transform brands into Meaningful Prosocial Brands.

The research has been independently verified by the accomplished advisory board, consisting of:

Professor Dirk Salomons, the director of the Program for Humanitarian Affairs at the School of International Public Affairs Columbia University. Without Dirk the research would not be as solid as it is now.

Robert van Ossenbruggen, a top methodologist and statistical wizard, was a critical player in the advisory board as well.

The same goes for Hans Lingeman, founder and senior researcher at Winkle.


Mark Woerde, director of this research, founder of and writer of the book How Advertising Will Heal the World and Your Business. He is also the co-founder and strategy director of the award-winning Dutch advertising agency LEMZ.Please note, the book and research were conducted without financial support from businesses.

The team members can be contacted via