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This report contains over 1400 tables. The research report can be viewed via Microsoft Excel and Google Docs. Navigating between the various topics is made easy via hyperlinks. Results are shown per country and ...


  • - By background variables 
  • - By subgroups
  • - Per country 

The various subgroup definitions can also be found in the research report. The research outcomes are split in the following categories:

A) Demographics, media consumption and mood
B) The meaning of life
C) Empathy
D) Why and how do we give?
E) Prosocial behavior
F) Brands and companies


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May 2012, Time has come for a radical paradigm shift in branding. People are waiting for brands to help them help others. These so-called ‘Meaningful Prosocial Brands’ fulfill a basic, strong and growing need: the need to live a meaningful life. This is the main conclusion from world's largest study on the meaning of life in relation to brands and companies. This research became a bestseller book with over 25,000 sold and downloaded copies and led to hundreds of interviews and articles, but also to 216 talks in one year. We're extremely happy with this success, but the biggest reward was to experience how open and excited marketeers are to this new marketing perspective.

After one year of touring, it's time to help business leaders with developing prosocial marketing concepts. And that's where the IDEA LAB comes in. It's a a non-profit mobile advertising agency, aims to assist organizations in quickly developing concepts that will create a positive impact on both business and society. During its trial run at a global UNICEF conference earlier this month, the high-pressure concept development was shown to especially help speed up internal processes for the organizations which participated, actively turning the research outcome & inspiration into concrete ideas. At the Wings for UN Top Conference Rio +20 in The Hague Bhutan's Minister of Happiness, Mr. Hon'ble Lyonpo Dorji Wangdi opened IDEA LAB amid great interest of business and spiritual leaders.

* NEWS: April 2013: and LEMZ will bring their pop-up agency to UN Plaza, New York.

* NEWS: December 2014: At Most Contagious, and LEMZ co-founder Mark Woerde, shared his learnings on how to create impactful campaigns.

* NEWS: July 2016: New research and book in the making titled: Creative Under Fire. (expected late 2017)


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Social Talk Oct 20th. Letsheal at El Ser Creativo Madrid & trending topic in Spain

An audience of 3000 people and 21 minutes to present the findings of, TV and Radio interviews, great reviews and trending topic. is very grateful to the organisation of El Ser Creativo for giving us the opportunity to share our research findings. Well-known speakers attended the event including Eduard Punset, Piers Corbyn, Peace Nobel Prize Shirin Ebadi, Bernardo Hernández from Google, David Konzevik and Randi Zuckerberg from Facebook.

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